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    Why does none of my "scribbling" in After Effects show up when I render my footage?


      So I am fairly new to After Effects and I've been trying to follow a few tutorials online on how to make use of the "scribbling" effect on music videos. I followed this tutorial: Animated Music Video Scribble Effect in After Effects! (Tutorial / How to) (CC 2017) - YouTube



      BUT I skipped the premier pro part because I don't have it yet (I will in a couple of hours)

      So first of all I have been editing a 44 second video that I imported to AE, then I created a new layer and activated the brush and paint on the side bar and started "drawing" on the video frame by frame, (total brush strokes were 2192) - but its been very hard to work since its been very "laggy", choppy, slow and when I finally think I am done and I export it, none of my brush strokes show up on the video! Please help - I have spent the past 5 hours on this and I'd just like some answers at this point. I'll appreciate anything, thank you!


      Is there any way I can save my work and then just add it on top of the video again as a layer? (I attached a picture of what I've been working with below, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.. that could hopefully be fixed?)


      Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 01.57.52.png