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    MIAW crashing projector

      I have made a movie using Tree View Menu to open MIAWs.
      The problem is: when i stay idle in a miaw for a few time (seconds) the projector going crash and slow down very much, the CPU usage go to 100% and this state not return untile close the projector.
      This problem don`t happen on using Tree View with few items (10 items).
      I used the script "on idle sleep 1" on the stage movie and doesnt work. I increased the idleHandlerPeriod to 216000 (to send 1 idle message per HOUR) and doesnt work.

      And i have another problem. I made 3 Tree View Menu in 2 cases: on stage and on MIAW. The first Tree View dont have any problem and have 10 items on the tree. The second have this problem I related. And the third when the tree view is on miaw the page (miaw) i open will go open under the tree view miaw and never open active. This problem I solved placing tree view on stage, not on miaw, but if anyone know how can I fix this i`ll be grateful.

      This is the generic script of the tree a I used: