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    Can't start After Effect CC2017


      Hello Adobers.


      Please help me to running the application.


      I am using AE CC 2017


      I've done these things so far...


      Install & Reinstall


      Deleting the preference file


      Re boot (for sure)


      change the installation directory. tried C:\adobe and F:\adobe (I am using SSD for C:\ and 2 extra HDD)


      OS : win 8.1K

      cpu : i7 4770 3.40GHZ

      16GB ram



      It suddenly stopped working literally.


      when running the application, it shows image below and nothing happens.




      This kinda problem never happened to me before so.......... is there anybody can help me to solve this?


      By the way,,

      I am surprised by knowing that there's no way for the direct support from adobe though I am paying over $1,000 for every year.