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    direct pixel access on MovieClips | AS2.0.

    terablade2001 Level 1
      How can anyone read and change the RGBA pixel values of MovieClips in AS2.0?
      This question comes up, when we need to apply self coded filters on a MovieClip.

      For example I want to make a MovieClip to appear mirrored and it's pixels to change their alpha from 100 to 0, from the top side to down. As far as I know all Flash filters are applied to the whole MovieClip. Thus I guess the only way is to make a function that will take the pixels RGBA values and their positions relative to the origin of the MovieClip instance and change dynamic their values. This technique is used in many Photos presentations as far as I have seen, where the photo is apperead as mirrored and gradient-faded.

      In another case I want a dynamic Fish-Eye filter to be applied to panoramic moving image, giving in that way the sense of depth to the viewer. In order to do that I have to know the XY-RGBA (A for Alpha) values of each pixel, and to be able to change them dynamically on runtime.

      Anyone that can help?...