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    move multiple layer of a number of frame


      Hi there,


      Well I would like to find a quick tip for moving a selection of layer and the move them of like 5 frames, but still have 5 frames separating them.

      Like layer of at frame 0, layer 2 at frame 5, layer 3 at frame 10 etc...


      I can do it by hand I know, but i'm looking for a faster lazy way ;-)


      Thanks !

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          Liran Tabib Level 1


          the simplest way to do this is to sequence the layers, Here's how to do it:


          1. Select all the layers you want to sequence.

          2. Go to the frame that you want the sequencing to begin and drag the layers to that frame (or simply press [ key in the keyboard), If they are already in frame 0 you can skip this step.

          3. Place the Time-Marker in 5 frame after the layer's beginning/inPoint (frame 4 if they begin in frame 0), press Alt+] to shorten the layers to the time-marker location (you can do it manually also).

          4. select the command: Animation->Keyframe Assistant->Sequence Layers... (you can access that also with right clicking on any selected layers). in the prompt window make sure the Overlap option is checked off and press OK.

          5. now the layers are sequenced if you wish to make them long again go with the time marker to the last frame and press Alt+]




          Liran Tabib


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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

            There's a 'pay what you want' script called RIFT by Michael Delaney.  Rift - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com  That will do what I think you're talking about.   You'll need to watch the video tutorial on how to use it but it's a script tons of people use.

            It's much more functional than AEs sequnce layers function as you can save presets. choose the ascending or descending order, affect keyframes or layers or in points or out points, align, randomize.   It's a must have.

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              amgraphics875 Level 1

              Thank you all !


              I knew Rift, I forgot it :-)