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    Deleting photos in lightroom 5.7.1


      I re installed lightroom 5.7.1 in my laptop.  I saw  that I had 5320 photos, so I imported them.  It turns out that they are not photos, but images from varies files.  So I rejected 30, went to PHOTO click on remove from disk. Got a message that could only remove to recycle bin 1000 photos. Then got a message could not REMOVE TO RECYCLE BIN.  So I unrejected the photos/images.  Back to square one.  How do remove from the disk?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Occasionally I will encounter an image that cannot go to the recycle bin. I'm not a computer nerd, so I can't explain the reason and I don't argue with it. When that happens I choose the option to delete the image. It won't go to the recycle bin, but Lightroom will delete it and it's gone. Try deleting those images now that you have reversed the rejection of them.

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