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    Need help finding a widget that does this...

    Hoffkids Level 1

      Hi all,


      Having some trouble finding the widget to do this (see below) without paying a min of $70 to join a site to even try it out. I do not mind paying but $70 to try to me is unfair business (no option to try, no option to buy 1 widget). That is another conversation.


      Anyway, If you click the BUBLE site below you will see a slider (carousel) that is full screen that is HYPERLINK Clickable. This is the part that is hard to find.


      Michael Bublé – New Album Available Now!


      Anyone have an idea? I am not looking to make my own.


      I just was told that Muse-grid has it but w/o throwing down $70 I have no proof it is what I need exactly, etc.