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    Using movie clips as buttons

      I dont ever use buttons because movie clips appear to do all of the same stuff with the same code.

      so in my set up i have a "video" section that, when you "roll over" it expands and reveals some video thumbnails. i want it so when you click the video thumb that a page will open on the right side. i have all the "on release" code set up but it still wont work???? i think that the expanding window is all worried about waiting for the "roll out" to happen so the buttons cant be clicked.

      how do i have it so that the movie clip does its roll in roll out stuff but dosent change your courser into the little hand and finger like its a button?

      NOTE: the "korath" article has the same type of code as the thumbnails (except for the different target object)

      oh and should i be using "relative" or "absolute" for the target object???

      there is the example at


      i couldnt upload the full fla cuz its 15 MB!