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    Adobe Flash hard freezes computer in all browsers!


      I have Windows 7 and I'm using Firefox. Everything is up to date. Adobe hard freezes my computer, but only certain videos do it. I found out that it's the non-HTML5 videos that do it, and other videos are fine. YouTube videos always work for me just fine, but most of the videos shown they post on MSN completely locks up my computer. I have tried manually uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, deleting files related to Flash that a normal uninstallation does not remove. No luck. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome do the same thing.


      This all started after I made the stupid decision to use ComboFIX in order to try and fix a certain issue I was having. Flash was working fine before that. I've reinstalled Windows since then, but it wasn't a clean reinstall(I really don't want to do that), and it didn't really help too much. I'm thinking maybe this is a registry issue?