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    Can't edit incoming/outgoing velocity influence in graph editor.

    Meldricz Level 1

      Hey Everyone,


      Today's problem is one that's been bugging me since I started using AE. It seems to routinely occur when I'm trying to edit multiple keyframes' velocity in the speed graph editor.


      In the image below, I'm attempting to match the outgoing/incoming velocity influence of 20 keyframes. I select the keyframes in the GE, double-click on one of them, and in the dialog box I enter the values I want. Easy right? By the book, right?


      Well, for some reason, the graph editor just seems to ignore my input — entirely. The curves don't change, but what's even more frustrating is that when I repeat the process (select the KF's, double click, dialogue box) the dialogue box shows the correct values. The animation and GE do not however.


      I'm not using any plugins, and the only keyframes are basic Position, Scale, and Rotation parameters.


      A quick work-around I've found is to select each parameter individually and input the values repeatedly for each one, but even with a comp of 6 layers at 30 seconds that's a lot of repetition I'd rather avoid.


      I appreciate any direction on this as it's become quite the pain and I can't find answers anywhere.


      Screenshot 2017-07-25 09.53.42.png