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    Email reminder to review fillable form

    Haltam Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I'm creating an Assessment form (fillable form) for work and a review of this assessment is required six months after. The software i'm using is Adobe Acrobat Pro and the software it'll be used by at my workplace is Acrobat Reader DC.


      I'd like to add a button that reads 'Set a reminder to review assessment' to send a custom email to an email address and on a date identified by the worker. It can be identified by a pop-up window asking for this information or I can add fields for the workers to input this information before pressing the button. Let us name these fields futuredate and workeremail.


      The body and subject of the email could be from an outlook email file  (common directory for all workers) or something within the code, whichever one is easier. If it is something within the code, It can read "Reminder: review assessment for client # (there's a field with the client number, its name is clientID)


      I'm a noob and I am probably asking for too much, any advice or partial help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you so much,