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    Acrobat 9 Pro Extended toolbars don't stay from session to session

    harolds96612471 Level 1

      I like to have all of the tools and all toolbars displayed at all times, when I work with Acrobat files!


      When I launch an Acrobat file from  a folder, some of the tool bars don't display. Of the ones that do, not all of the tolls display. When I right click on a toolbar and choose More Tools, I find many of the tool boxes are unchecked. How do I insure that each time I launch Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, all of the toolbars and all of their tools are displayed?


      This also happens when I launch a file from a folder, while I have files already open. In the files I have open, I will have all toolbars and all tools displayed. When I launch the file from the folder, it is displayed with many of the toolbars and tools not displayed,