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    Creation of Workflow Agreement with API gives INVALID_WORKFLOW_ID


      I'm trying to create an agreement using a workflow with the API. I've uploaded a document and gotten the transaction ID which I use to specify the document and I specify a single email to receive the agreement but I always receive the Invalid Workflow ID error though I'm fairly certain the workflow ID is correct.


      This workflow ID was obtained using the GET workflows API call: 3AAABLblqZhDL9iFHskPvlzh0q_r9umjkopeGvc_k8riBgZnnmrPw4LKyFZM2P9BpcEGdMA-28ctWHVjaBnvtFfJ6 gZ170tlp


      The body of my request looks like this:


      {"documentCreationInfo":{"fileInfos":[{"name":"pdf-sample.pdf","transientDocumentId":"3AAA BLblqZhBivT81PYMWUoKSWyB1Yd9T92TGUyhRV6yLIO_7skJwqsQPQJxmDvykiCIl5rv7QnmFU06VHFxjsYxqM4Ofq OUg9zJ2jhBX1WS5-b-WBU9Dl5Oq-gTCzufFMRwYaAcI48vArJeLeSH-VpsdmREs6xBSFqFI_huHp48NOnm79oJ2NZJ GydDa8N6RswhW7sA3tFq_fCYkB5d6i233AVAqSKSx9sDLK97YAfJgQq8opXHb7GA70ne-Jw2hJPgrCsLmjREZa2Rj8 zXDFvPV8e4x6_E8oGkLkWDefYgdqJFf2U5gGqcg8uwPbba7-81oiqUJ27c*"}],"name":"My Workflow Agreement","recipientsListInfo":[{"name":"user@conhugeco.com","recipients":[{"email":"user@conhugeco.com"}]}]}}


      Occasionally I also get a "Miscellaneous error occurred" error with the exact same API request.


      I'm able to create an agreement using this workflow from the UI without a problem.