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    Missing photos


      I have recently had some albums that are showing as "missing".  I have always imported my photos directly through lightroom (my computer will not read a raw file).  When I am done editing, I export the handful of edited photos as a jpeg onto my computer hard drive.  My photos have always shown up as available even if they have not been exported onto my hard drive but recently I am missing several albums with quite a few photos in them.  I back up LR regularly also, but when I open a previously saved catalog it is still showing those photos missing.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          There are no albums in LR. Do you mean folders?


          If so, your folders are shown as missing because they have been moved, renamed or deleted outside of Lightroom. You  can fix the problem by following these instructions: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders

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            ashiley1214 Level 1

            Yes I mean folders.  I am having trouble understanding why this is all of a sudden happening.  I have imported my photos into LR the same way since I started using LR and have not had trouble until recently.  There are photos that are showing up with all the photos in them from 2015, but photos that I imported just a few months are showing missing.  I haven't accessed these folders outside of LR, so I'm having trouble understanding why they are now missing.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Sometimes the problem happens that you have ACCIDENTALLY moved, renamed or deleted the folders outside of Lightroom. On Windows it can also happen if the drive letter changes.


              Nevertheless, you have to use your operating system to find the location of the folders on your hard disk. Once you find the folders, you need reconnect the photos in Lightroom by right-clicking on the folder in Lightroom and selecting "Find Missing folder".

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                ashiley1214 Level 1

                When I import my photos, I insert my sd card directly into my computer.  I open LR, select import and select the photos I'd like to import.  When finished editing (may not be all the photos imported) I export them into a folder on my computer.  I have tons of photos that I never export but they are still showing up as available.  I have about 4000 photos that are all of a sudden missing.  I have not even edited these photos yet, so they haven't even been exported.  When I select "locate" to try to reconnect the photo or folder, I have nothing to choose from and cannot find them on my computer because they have not been exported into a folder there yet.  How do I find these folders/photos to reconnect them?

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  This has nothing to do with importing. This has nothing to do with exporting.


                  The problem is that Lightroom expects the photos to be in a certain folder, with a certain file name, and the photos are not where Lightroom expects them to be. I have explained in the last paragraph of my previous message what to do. You seem to have skipped the part where you have to find the photos in your operating system first so you know where they are so you can tell LR where they are after you click on Locate. Please give that a try. Clicking on Locate does not find the files, you have to find them and then tell LR where they are.


                  I have also given you a link to a detailed explanation of how to fix the problem, please read it carefully and follow those instructions.

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                    ashiley1214 Level 1

                    I truly appreciate your help.  I have read the above paragraph carefully and have gone thru the link.  The problem is that when I try to reconnect the photo, when I select locate, the photo is not located on my computer.  How do I reconnect them if I can't find the photo on the computer to reconnect it with.  I have not moved or done anything with these photos/folder.  There are folders in lightroom from 2015 and those photos are nowhere to be found on my computer...I'm just extremely confused.

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                      dj_paige Level 10

                      It sounds like you are saying that you hclick on Locate and then YOU can't find the file. That is not the instruction. The instructions are to find the file first on your computer using your computer's operating system search feature. This has nothing to do with Lightroom. You use the computer operating system's search feature to search ALL hard disks for this photo by file name. Have you done this, yes or no?

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