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    Acrobat XI insists on saving every pdf the 1st time it is opened


      Drives us nuts.  On my computer I don't have the issue but on someone else's computer, every time they open a PDF that they have never opened, when closing they are prompted to save the doc.  If they save the PDF once, it doesn't prompt anymore.  It's so annoying and time consuming as we deal with PDFs all day long and having to ask yourself "what the heck did I change" or "do I save or not?" is a time killer.  Any idea why this happens? I duplicated ALL the preference settings that I use but that doesn't work.  Thanks.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Does this indeed behave differently for the same files when you open them on the two computers? If it's a different set of files, and limited to files from the same source, the following may be the case:


          This is an indication for a corrupt PDF file - one that Acrobat can actually fix when it's opening the file. Because the file got fixed when you opened it, it is technically modified (even though you did not modify it via the user interface), and that's why Acrobat prompts you to save the file. Complain to whoever creates these corrupt PDF documents.


          If the same files behave differently (and make sure you truly use the same files in the same state - once they get saved on the first computer, they are fixed) on the two computers, then that very likely means that something on the computer on which this happens is modifying the PDF documents behind the scenes. This can be e.g. a 3rd party plug-in, or a script that runs. Disable all third party plug-ins on the computer in question (in Acrobat's preferences, go to "General" and check the box "Use only certified plug-ins". Does it still happened? If so, then turn JavaScript off (uncheck Preferences>JavaScript>Enable Acrobat JavaScript). Does it still happen? If it does, then I am unfortunately running out of ideas.

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            gusserman Level 1

            Thanks for responding Karl.  This only happens on one computer.  We access our data files via the network.  I will create the file or save one with changes from my computer to the network drive and when that other person opens it on their computer, even just to look at it, she is prompted to save the file.  Once she saves any file, unless changes are made she is not prompted again.  It's annoying and time consuming to have to ask yourself "did I change something that needs saving or is it that dumb prompt again?"  When in doubt, we don't save but then opening the file again, she has to go through the doubting once again.


            I disabled the plugin feature and it corrected things 1/2 the time but we need the plugin so I will next call the software company and see what they have on the issue.  Thanks for getting me this far.  I will report back...