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    Diffuse Texture Issue


      Hey! I'm sorta new to the 3D scene (only previously using Maxon), and I need to apply a logo to one of Felix's pre-made models. I am using the square bottle model.


      I need to place my logo onto the diffuse map, but where? I understand that the two rectangular maps are for the sides, and I put the logo into the diffuse map, and it does not apply.


      Here is my current setup.



      bottle 2.PNG

      I tried putting the logo where the two blue boxes are, and they didn't work. (btw the blue drawings are just for show)

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          I can't see your 3D panel - but it looks like you have added a glass texture which will have a very low opacity. If you place a label on top of the diffuse texture you will also need to create an opacity map so that the label area is not also transparent.

          Diffuse and opacity map :





          If you do that  - then it should work correctly


          Hope that helps