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    Adobe AE [CC 2017] crashes on the external display. [MacOS]


      Hello, I am a Mac / Adobe user.


      A few days ago I have purchased a bizonbox with an external graphics card for my MacBook Pro 2015 with Nvidia GTX 1080 on-board. After setting it up and installing all of the drivers everything seems to be working fine. Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop these programs work very good. However After Effects doesn't.


      During the usage of it I encounter the same problem over and over again. In a couple of minutes, after applying or adjusting effects my external display crushes, filling all the screen with black squares ( image below ). I know, that it's maybe not the fault of Adobe Inc., but people around me, who use the same set-up as mine don't experience the same problems.


      ( I don't know why, but pictures upload upside down for no reason )





      I have enabled untested, unsupported GPU for CUDA acceleration of ray-traced 3D renderer

      May it happen because of the old display I use, because when I use AAE on built-in display problems doesn't happen?