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    Lightroomcc 2105 Questions

    photofan731 Level 1


      I have MacBook Pro -MasOSSierra- 10.12.5

      Photoshop and Lightroomcc all up to date

      Still a newbie trying to get my head around program!


      Question 1.

      I noticed something different in Lightrooms latest update

      screen shot below

      Users- plus folder underneath ( I have removed the ID) show 3858 images - Desktop-143 images

      I have never seen image amounts in this area before - is this normal?


      Question 2

      Catalog - 10886 - total of all my images (external hardrive plus MacBook HD)

      How many images can I have in one catalog before I have to think about developing a new catalog?


      Question 3

      I use Folders for organising images

      My workflow is saving a Tiff from Photoshop into Lightroom

      I then export the Tiff as a Jpeg into a specific named folder (I dont use collections)

      I then delete the Tiff but keep the RAW CR2 file

      Is this a suitable workflow?

      Is there a problem with having the RAW CR2 file in a separate folder to the Jpeg?

      Should I rename the Jpeg to avoid any conflict with the RAW CR2?

      Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 8.44.19 am.jpg

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Question 1: there is no such thing as "normal", it is what it is


          Question 2: There is no limit


          QUestion 3: I don't really see a purpose to using LR here, if you are editing in Photoshop, you can save it as a JPG from Photoshop, and avoid the entire transfer to LR for the purpose of creating a JPG. From what you have described, you could take LR out of your workflow and accomplish the same thing.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. The Users folder has been displayed. You can right-click on it and choose to hide that parent folder and it will go away.

            2. I don't think it has been determined how large the catalog should be before you need to worry about creating a second catalog. You aren't anywhere near the point of needing to worry about that. Some users are working with several hundred thousand images in a single catalog. It's a database and they are designed for large numbers of records.

            3. If this workflow is suitable for you I suppose it's okay. Personally, I prefer to just work with the raw images. I export JPEG images when they are needed for e-mail or for other purposes. I use the JPEG for what it's used for and then I get rid of it. They can always be regenerated when needed. If you really feel and need to keep the JPEG and a raw image, there isn't a need to rename for fear of a name conflict because they are different file types. If I have done work in Photoshop and have saved a tiff image I will stack that file with the original raw file, but I really see no need to save JPEG images.

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              photofan731 Level 1

              Thanks for reply

              The only reason I use lightroom are for basic edits and being able to view images quickly from folders, using keywords to find images.

              As I have a Mac which has its own 'PHOTOS' program ( which is very basic), does Photoshop work with PHOTOS??

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                photofan731 Level 1

                Thanks Jim, I try to avoid working on the RAW images, as I may want to change things in the future to the image.

                This is where I find keeping a current  worked on Jpeg in my workflow, keep the RAW for future when

                I am much more confident about my photography.

                Thanks for your suggestions, always welcome

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                  Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                  photofan731  wrote


                  I try to avoid working on the RAW images, as I may want to change things in the future to the image.

                  It is the RAW images you should be working on, not tiffs and jpgs!

                  Editing raw files is completely non-destructive, since the edits are saved as metadata. This means that you go back to the file at any time and change the edits, or even reset all settings and start over.


                  I suggest that you change your workflow, and start by importing your raw files to Lightroom, and do all the editing there. (editing in LR is exactly the same as editing in the Camera Raw plugin in PS)  You only need to edit in Photoshop to do things that are impossible in Lightroom. And there is no need to export tiffs and jpgs, unless you need them for some purpose.


                  Here's a couple of articles I wrote that may be useful to you:

                  Lightroom basics

                  File formats