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    Unable to download Adobe stock document for InDesign

    chrisc13483829 Level 1

      I would like to use a stock file template from Adobe.


      First attempt:

      In ID, asked to create new file, clicked on Print, selected document I want, selected preview, selected download....and nothing.

      Restarted, tried again, still nothing.


      Second attempt:

      Logged into my Adobe account, found file, synced with account and clicked on the button to open in ID.

      this opens a dialog box

      back in ID I see this in the CC Libraries window:

      I look this up and find this page:

      Solution to the issue: Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel doesn't load in desktop products


      1 - relaunch CCLibrary process
      no change


      2- Firewall

      I don't see "Not Implemented" or "This page is not available" I see this: Upgrade Required

      What does this mean?


      3- host file setup

      All good, as described


      4-proxy on Windows 10

      My Proxy server is not set up, it's off

      Do I need to turn it on and select "Don't use" or do I leave it OFF?





      Side note: trying to download this file: