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    Files blurry?


      Excuse my rudimentary understanding of Photoshop - I haven't ever used it for anything very fancy! I've been attempting to create small 1x1 icons in Photoshop CC on my Macbook with Retina display, and they (as well as the text) appear blurry as I'm creating them and save even more blurry. I don't think I've changed anything that would effect the quality of the photos, but maybe I'm wrong? Any help or suggestions would be magnificent.


      I've put an example below! Again, very rudimentary, but I think it gets the point across, aha



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          Your icon is 100px by 100px how much detail do you expect to store with 10,000. Your expectation is most likely unrealistic. The portrait from you camera  you started with had  between 8,000,000 to 24,000,000 pixels to store its detail  let say 8,000,000 so  now  have resapmled it down in size you left with 10,000/8,000,000   or  1/800 or 0.00125 of what you had you have discarded most of the detail you had for that portrait.  Resampling an image always reduces image quality.  Decrease the number of pixels through away details you had for the image.  Increase the number of pixels you need to create details you do not have for the image. either way the image quality goes down.  Details requires pixels...