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    Pen Pressure for Monoprice's 6.25x10 tablet


      Please help me.

      I have been searching through the forums for a very long time and still haven't found an answer for this.

      When I turn on pen pressure and do whatever the forums/ youtube tell me to do there is a little alert or caution symbol /!\ next to the pen pressure control in shape dynamics. Pen pressure still doesn't work in Photoshop CC but it works in the driver settings. I'm not sure what's going on or how to fix it.

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          We can not tell you for you post not information about your situation.


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          Does your tablet device driver use WinTab API or Windows INK API for pen support or can can configure it to use either.  Old version of Photoshop only support Wintab API  new versions default to Windows INK Api but cant be configured to use Wintab API.  There are many treads here about Pen pressure problems have you looked at them.