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    InDesign 2017 Master Pages not inserting the same as past versions




      Recently upgraded to the 2017.1 release.  In the previous version if I had a master that had multiple pages with the facing pages layout I could create the master in any number of pages and when I dragged the master down to my working pages my layout would insert all pages, it didn't matter if it was the left or right side of the Facing Pages layout.  For example, if I have a 3 page master the next or previous page would auto adjust.  (see attached image 1, pages 13-15 is my master page and page 12 inDesign just omitted the right side of the Facing Page).  It didn't matter what side page 1 was on, the 3 inserted pages were the next 3 pages to insert. Now when I drag a 3 page master onto my working pages it only displays the "active" pages, page 1 (in this pre-update it is the master that is page 13) of the master is always on the left and page 2 (Pre-update page 14) is always on the right and page 15 disappears.  Page 18 is the same three page master layout I inserted into my document AFTER UPDATING that is used as page 13-15 in the file saved before I updated, but in this case it is the last page of the document and ONLY page 1 appears.  If I delete page 17, page 2 master appears in the spot 17 and pages 1 and 3 of my master page are gone.  If instead I deleted page 16, page 2 of my master still is the only page to display.


      Help!  I  don't want my pages to be left-side or right-side dependent, I just want them all to insert as the "next available page".  How do I turn this feature off?  I don't know what it is called so I don't know what to search for.  I really don't want to recreate all my grouped master pages into individual single pages!!!!