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    After Effects error when opening file: 'Unable to read project colour settings'



      A file I was working on earlier today seems to be corrupted when I try and open it again just a couple hours later. The error I get when I open it is:


      "After Effects warning: Unable to read project color settings. Color settings reset to factory defaults.'" The file doesn't open after I click OK, just a blank project window.


      I can open earlier saved versions but even some of those give the same error too. I can import the corrupted project with all comps/layers/keys etc intact into a new one but I get a different error when I do this:


      "After Effects warning: can not find source item for layer ID=36; will replace with a placeholder. ( 26 :: 143 )"


      I get maybe a hundred of these warnings with different ID numbers. Clicking OK on all of them opens the project but the comp doesn't preview and the corrupted/placeholder items appear to be nulls and solids (anything After Effects stores internally in the project file I guess), but also some imported Illustrator files.


      I'm running After Effects version (2017.2 release) on a late 2015 Retina 5K 27 inch iMac with macOS Sierra v10.12.5 installed. I've had this error before on a previous After Effects project on the same machine. The project + all related files are saved onto a NAS server at work and I open it from there usually, but copying the project file to my desktop still gives the error. Weirdly, I was able to open it on my PC at home when I just copied the project file and sent it to myself - no errors.


      I save regularly and have several incremented saves + auto-save turned on, but I can't just expect this to happen randomly. Can anyone shed some light on what causes this and how I can avoid it in future?