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    How to split a document with 126 pages with Javascript




      I hope that somebody can help me, with the next questions.


      I'm looking for a script that can automatic splitting and save a document (in this case 126 pages) into a maximum off 6 pages so that's means 21 (126/6) separate documents.


      If the splitting in to 6 pages is possible, than the next question is: On the third page off every document is a description, is it possible that this description can be the name off the file? What I want is if I save the file, than it's namend "AMENDE3333666446727181". As an example see the attachment (in Dutch), I have marked the description.... Note: the description is different every time.



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Splitting the file into 6-page files is easily done. In fact, you don't need a script for it. You can use the Split Document command to do it.

          Using specific text for the file name of each part is possible in theory, but implementing it is not easy, and in some cases it doesn't work.

          In the screenshot you attached it seems that he file is scanned. Has Text Recognition been executed on it? Are you able to copy the text and paste it into Notepad, and it comes out correctly? If so, there's still the issue of identifying the transaction ID on the page.

          Without seeing some sample files it's nearly impossible to say for sure whether it's possible or not.

          Can you share some pages publicly (via Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Cloud, etc.)? Or if you prefer to share them privately you can send them to me directly to try6767 at gmail.com.

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            Melvin19687 Level 1

            I know that you can do splitting by use the split document command, but that's not what I want.

            What I want is that it happens automatically, through a predefined template..... in this case for example if you choose the template France, adobe knows that the file has 6 pages.


            The answer to the other question is: Yes if I select the text and put it in Notepad, than the text is still correctly.


            I will send the document to your gmail account, hopefully it is possible what I what.