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    Lightroom Panels Not Displaying Correctly




      This is a bit of a strange one to try and describe but basically the left-hand panel of Lightroom is not displaying it's content correctly. It's almost as if there is a column which is not wide enough to display the usual information.

      In this included image you can see that what is usually an expanded view of folders, showing their names to the right of them and then the image count right-aligned in the panel, but here you can see there's no room for the folder name and the image count is almost overlapping the folder icon.

      In the lower-left corner there's usually the import button, but now I appear to have just a blank button which if I click on does actually open the import dialogue window.

      Also the navigator window does not display the different options usually displayed in its title bar.

      It only appears to effect the left panel, except for the following item - what appears to be, the bottom edge of the navigator panel that continues across the main previewed image.


      There's possibly other items not displaying correctly but that's the main things.

      Win 10 64bit (8GB) - up to date.

      Intel i7-2700K @ 3.50GHz

      Nvidia GeForce GT740 (2GB) - up to date.


      I've had this happen a couple of months back and after resetting prefs etc I resorted to re-installing Lightroom which did fix it at the time, but it's now back. Unfortunately, I've now gone through the same process as before but none of it has resolved the problem this time around.




      Thanks in advance

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Steve,


          Could you please post the Help>>System info report from Lightroom here? We'll look into it and update.




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            Stevemap Level 1

            Unfortunately my PC had different ideas and the hard drive started to fail so I ended having to do a complete system reinstall. Obviously this cured what ever the problem was with LR, whether the LR problem was related or not I'm guessing I may never know.


            after reinstalling everything, I did still have a font missing issue within an InDesign document that I was working on. I was using NexusFont, which is a free font management software that I was using to install/uninstall fonts. But I suspect that it may have not liked an update to Windows maybe and was corrupting a system font causing some software to display incorrectly.


            I've ditched NexusFont and resorted to just installing all fonts direct in Windows and all appears to be working fine.


            So, maybe that was the issue but hopefully I'll never find the actual problem and all will contune to work smoothly.


            Thanks anyway for your reply.