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    how to change the size of a text box

    TVZZZ Level 1

      This seems really dumb, but I can't figure out how to change the size of a text (title) box. When I create one, it is quite small. Clicking on the edges of it does not enable me to drag the boundaries out, as I would expect. I must be missing something basic...

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          williebegoode Adobe Community Professional

          First, let me say that working with text in PRE can be tricky; so your question is not clueless at all.

          1. Drag a text object to the desired Video TimeLine of your choice.

          2. Type some text in the text box

          3. To re-size the text with the pointer tool, make sure that the Adjustment Fix box is selected.

          Method 1:

          4. Click on the side or corner of the box with the text and drag it in (smaller) or out (larger.)

          Method 2:

          5. Change the value of the Size in the Size windows.


          If that doesn't work, let us know.

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            TVZZZ Level 1


            Thank you for that response, Willie. Unfortunately, I'm still confused. First, are we talking about the same program? I am running Adobe Premiere Elements 15. You referred to "PRE", so I'm not sure.

            Also, I'm not sure what the "Adjustment Fix box" is. I do see those words on my screen, however I cannot click and drag the sides of my text box, or move it; and I don't see a way to change the value of the size.

            Thnx again...


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