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    How to trigger script when value in dropbox is chosen




      I'm using Acrobat Reader DC,


      I've the dropdown list ("dropdown1") with 3 options, for each option I did some coding, for example for option "system support"


      if (this.getField("Dropdown1").value == "System Support") {app.alert("WELCOME KIT\n" + "Essential support agreement information",4, 0, "System Support");}


      It works, BUT when I choose in dropdown list "system support" the code is triggered AFTER I click anywhere in the pdf (it's not done with the click and I need it to be excecuted when I choose that "System support" option).


      In options of the dropdown list I've selected "commit selected value immidieatly" but I'm missing something...I tried some ideas in the internet like:

      case "System Support":
          {app.alert("WELCOME KIT\n" + "Essential support agreement information",4, 0, "System Support");}

      I believe I'm doing something wrong. Could you please help me?