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    After Effects won't playback audio on my Windows Machine. Whilst Premiere has no problems

    pacey-j Level 1

      After Effects has been temperamental with audio on this machine. But generally it doesn't work. And right now it doesn't and hasn't for a while. It used to be that I could switch the hardware to ASIO. But this would turn off the sound for every other program. I have screengrabbed all my settings and I really hope one of you spots something!


      I am getting the green bars suggesting that AE is playing and the output routing is wrong, but there is no option to change this. As you'll see below that box is greyed out in AE.

      System audio works fine, audio even plays back fine in Premiere Pro with more or less identical settings.

      After Effects has been reinstalled in the last few days with the problem existing either side of this.


      It's driving me crazy! I just googled how much I could sell my Windows machine for and go back to mac with my tail between my legs.

      ...But that is irrational.


      Dell XPS 15 9560. Windows 10 Pro. Realtek Audio.


      Here are the WORKING settings from Premiere Pro where I get audio.

      1 Premiere Pro.JPG


      Here are the settings from After Effects including the preview settings:

      2 AE Hardware.JPG

      3 Output.JPG


      4 Preview settings.JPG