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      I am running a photoshop batch that runs an action that selects certain paths and does some adjustments on it.

      if it encounters a file that doesn't have a path with the name i want it to select then i get en error saying.

      "The command “Select” is not currently available."

      and then the whole batch gets stuck till i click continue on the message box.

      Now the problem is that i cant let this batch run un attended

      this happens even if i click on the batch to log errors to file.

      what i am planning to do i just to do it while i am available to click continue, or ad to each file a path with that name that need to be selected just so it doesn't stop.

      Any better idea?

      is there any way how i can make the batch running and just automatically continue if there is this error?

      See screenshots below



      Thank you in advance