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    Layers Tab Scroll Bar/Export Issue




      I am somewhat new to InDesign, but have a user that is having an issue with it after we setup a new machine for her. Normally, when she is working and using the Layers Tab, there was a scroll bar to be able to go through all of her pictures and select what was needed. Now, there is no scrollbar in the box, which makes scrolling through the pictures virtually impossible. We have ried changing the format to horizontal, vertical, and all other options listed, but no change and still no scroll bar. We uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign multiple times, still no change.


      Also, when she is doing an export of a file to pdf, she is not getting a full view of the export. The option to cancel is not present either, and the scroll bar will only expand so far.


      Some specs as to what she is using:


      Microsoft Surface Pro 4

      Windows 10 Pro


      If any other specs are needed or helpful, please let me know!