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    I recieved this after recieving an invite to join Adobe stock as a contributor, Is this correct?? It seems like I am giving to much personal information.


      Hello JAMES,


      Thanks for signing up to be an Adobe Stock contributor. Unfortunately we were unable to accept the photo ID you uploaded. Your submitted content can’t be reviewed until we can verify a valid photo ID.

      We rejected your uploaded ID because it didn't meet one or more of these requirements:


      - Document must be a passport, driver’s license, or government issued personal identification card with a clearly visible photo, your first and last name and your date of birth.

      - Your name on the photo ID must match the name on your contributor account. If you need to update your contributor account name, log into the Contributor Portal page. Hover over your name to see the option to edit your name to match your ID card.

      - You must be at least 18 years old.

      - Your ID card must be current.


      Please re-submit a valid photo ID on the contributor portal to ensure your content gets reviewed quickly and to get you on your way to successfully sell your files on Adobe Stock and Fotolia.

      Thank you!



      The Adobe Stock Team