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    Unable to Digitally Sign PDF

    balas9174 Level 1



      I am facing an issue since today. Although I have been digitally signing PDF document using USB Token provided by 3rd Parties, there was an recent update by Windows in the last fortnight. After this windows update, this is the first time I am trying to digitally sign the pdf but unfortunately I am facing an error with the message  reading as "Adobe service, ... windows cryptographic service provider reported an error...with an error code".


      My System Background is : Windows 10 OS

      Adobe Acrobat Reader XI version (Freeware downloaded from adobe)


      I wonder if the Windows update has caused unintentional PDF digital signing issue but I am not sure what the cause is.


      Pls. provide guidance or assistance in resolving the issue or point me in the direction of any patch or Adobe fix for this issue. I ran an adobe update after the error was encountered but this did not help either.


      Look forward.



      Bala Srini

      email : [removed by moderator]