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    Creating UI together with Content Management

    Birgit Pohl Level 2

      Hey people,


      based on Garrets 5 Elements of User Experience Design it is easy to create a work flow for agile development and agile design.

      But I have come into one thing that could be improved.


      So usually you would find out the goal of the product, a scope, define the structure and then go to wire framing?

      Do you already get your content from a content manager (or any representative person responsible for it)? How is this content presented to you? Do you get it in a word document, displayed from top to bottom?


      It turns out that one of my content managers really like to wireframe by herself, so that she has some control about the length of the texts and the impact of it.


      How would be your approach in this case, how would you support the content manager with your part of expertise?