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    Ridiculous Render Times

    bryan.gough Level 1

      I started trying to render this 30 second project using AME. But, it got about halfway through and then hung the program. ("AME not responding")

      So, I used AE's built-in renderer... and it is taking FOR. EV. ER.


      Project: The AEP is a 2MB file, 30-sec kinetic text motion graphic. It has been rendering for is 17 minutes, with an estimate of 20 minutes remaining.

      There are only text layers and vector graphics, which are all native vector shape layers.

      There are no expressions or effects. The only motion is keyframed scale bounces and position moves for some of the text objects with layer motion blur.


      Why is this taking so long?



      Mac Pro Sierra 10.12.6

      3.5GHz Xeon E5 processor

      32GB RAM


      Here is a screenshot of my Activity Monitor—how does it use 242% of my CPU?

      (nevermind... apparently 116kb PNG and JPG files are forbidden file types !?

      Here's a link?