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    Unable to update Photoshop CS6 to


      I am using photoshop (perpetual license, not CC subscription) on a standalone offline computer with no internet access.

      When installed it was version 13.0

      I then went to Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows  and downloaded the CS6 updates


      I applied the first update without issues.

      When trying to apply the second or third, I am getting the following error:



      I don't understand why it doesn't work as the 13.0.x series updates are meant for perpetual licensed (compared with 13.1.x for CC)


      I wanted to check what's the difference between the to look for an indication of why it's failing, so I went through the xml files and noticed that both and UpdateManifest.xml files have this line:



      I assume this suggest that it is meant for the subscription version, but that doesn't make any sense as these are 13.0.x updates.

      Changing the number to 0 (ie. <TargetLicensingType>0</TargetLicensingType>) does start the updater but it obviously stops with an error as the installer signature and checksum don't match when I am manually editing the file.


      How can I resolve this?


      Thank you