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    installing and configuration for Windows 10


      Good afternoon all.  Currently, we are tasked from our leadership to get this application downloaded, packaged with InstallShield and deployed to our user population with SCCM as soon as inhumanly possible

      We have all the system requirements met, and installing the web-wrapped app works and launches.



      With that being said I have a few questions that I'm looking to validate:


      1. I need the offline installer.  I've used the Adobe Creative Packager, and XD is not an option or Sub-Option that I can select to download the media. The ONLY Place I can see this media is on the main website after logon.  Choosing the 'download now' gives me the web installer, around 2.5 mb file size if I recall correctly.  This doesn't work (obviously) for repackaging.  I need the actual offline install file (likely GBs in size).


      2. does the app run with the Adobe Cloud ID i used to install it with?  Upon install, I had to authenticate with my Adobe ID to install the app.  now that it's running, it has a feel that the app is 'logged into adobe cloud' with the ID I used to install it with.  Is that accurate?


      3. Is this really a per-user install?  the icon fo the app shows up in my start menu, and the executable is located in c:\Program Files\Windows App (hidden folder) and that folder is blocked access, even for full Admins, until you take control of the folder (we changed from Trusted Installer to Administrators on our test box), you cannot go in an see this folder path.  Once we changed the rights and LOGGED IN AS A DIFFERENT USER, we went to that same path again and ran the app.  at launch I get an error "C:\Program Files\Windows Apps\Adobe.CC.XD_06.34.3_X64_adky2gkssdxte\Experience Design CC (Beta).exe - this application can only run in the context of the app container.   Because this application does not install the shortcut icon to anyone else on the device, it leads me to believe that it's still using the adobe cloud logon as well,


      I'm really curious about these three issues as they are the biggest hindrances I have currently to getting this completed.  I know trying to deploy Beta products to Production systems are bad....but we also know when leadership wants it done, we have to do it.


      Thank you for all your help moving forward