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    Triggered Animations in Presenter and Connect


      I have animations in my presentations that are triggered by participant's clicking on objects. Participants cannot advance to the next slide without clicking the objects. Example: clicking an object to reveal information beneath it. How can I keep these type of clickable animations in Adobe Presenter? When published on Connect the presentation automatically plays through each slide and each animation. There is no pause to allow participants to click.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          As you have seen, this type of interaction doesn't automatically translate in Presenter. What I would do is make the desired animation cued On-click and then place it in the appropriate place in the audio for the slide.



          Then Add a marker using the Insert Marker tool.


          Choose the Wait for User option and click OK.



          Place the marker after the animation (should be far enough that the animation can complete.



          Now the viewer will have to click the play or next button to continue on from that point.


          If that doesn't meet your need, then you would probably need to consider using Adobe Captivate, which can place click boxes that would provide a more similar workflow.