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    Logged In but getting "No one logged in." for https:// paid web app submission

    Artcetra Level 1

      I am not sure if this is an unsolvable glitch, or if I am missing something really simple with my login form.

      After a user logs in, if I direct them to a https:// page for payment, I get "No one logged in." This is causing a paid web app to not submit, instead the "you are not logged in" screen comes up.


      Is a 2nd login required when switching between http:// pages and https://, or is there some way to to maintain login status when clicking an https:// link?


      The site I am working on is:



      Username: guest
      Password: fsa


      Register New Student is the https:// paid web app submission that won't submit due to lost login status.




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      Maybe just a cache issue in Chrome. Firefox and IE are working perfectly. Staying logged in on https:// pages. Grrrrrr.