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    TOC with bookmarks and return links in Adobe Reader DC?


      My app, a training program written in Visual Basic, invokes Acrobat Reader DC to call a TOC.  The TOC has bookmarks and return links to go to and from a set of Lab Exercises, all in the same folder as the TOC.  Bookmarks and Links were created with Adobe Acrobat DC.

      On my Windows 7/64 machine, the installed version of the app works fine, including the TOC call and the links to-and-from Lab Exercises.

      My Windows 10/64 machine (with MS Edge) has the identical installed version of the app. When the TOC is called, first a MS Edge window is displayed, then the TOC is displayed, but THE BOOKMARK-LINKAGE MECHANISM to access Lab Exercises IS NOT VISIBLE.  Note that these machines use identical installation versions of the App, which includes the pdf files with the bookmarks and links.


      I want to see the same behavior on both the Win 7 and Win 10 machines.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I accomplish this.


      Hal W