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    AMD Radeon R7 M370 not recognized by After Effects


      After Effects is not recognizing my graphics card.  Normally, this wouldn't be an issue but I need OpenGL to work for Element 3D.  The weird thing is that after I updated the drivers to Crimson 17.7.1 it worked for a while.  Now it's not working anymore.  Anyone have an idea.


      Someone else had a similar issue a couple years ago (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1961461), but that didn't seem to be any help.


      UPDATE:  I'm working on a Dell Latitude E5570.  When I was having the issue, the laptop wasn't on it's docking station.  So on a hunch, I put it back on the docking station and After Effects (and therefore Element 3D) started working properly.  I have no idea why the docking station is the determining factor.