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    Missing Links In Indesign ...

    seebauer Level 1

      Hello. I want to update in indesign missing links, which are however in many different subfolders. this is not possible. Is there a script or a plugin? Thank you!

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          You would need to re-link the designs. You can also re-link the entire folder.

          Manage linked or embedded graphics in Adobe InDesign



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            seebauer Level 1

            Hello and thanks for the quick reply.


            This is correct, but I can always only link from one single folder and then indesign automatically gets the additional files contained in it. It really works, but then I have to do this manually in the next. And so on.


            But I have to link out from many different subfolders, contained in the mainfolder - this is a big error source if I select a wrong file with a very similar name.


            I would like to select only the main source and indesign should search all contained subfolders and link accordingly.


            I know a software that makes it possible ... "picture wrangler" from northplains.

            But for this I must install xinet on the server ... too expensive ...


            - stephan

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              vinny38 Level 5

              if $15 aren't too expensive for you, you might want to give this a shot : Indesign Image Relinker – Dr Scripto

              (never tried it)

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                JonathanArias Adobe Community Professional

                You need to start packaging your jobs as part as your workflow. this is the only way maintain all of your files together with the indesign document no matter where things move, share drives or who is working on it.  Its a free feature that takes seconds to run. Go to File>> package and run it after you link your files. after you do this. if you need to add graphics to your layout, you can save them in the links folder that is now created with your package files, or re-package and replace.


                You will have a better organization and make your life easier if you start packaging your files.

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                  seebauer Level 1

                  hi …


                  my customer ist working with his own lowresfiles … he will prepare the document and we have to relink the highresfiles …

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                    BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                    The client should still be using a project folder with all of the links in one subfolder, and as said above, packaging the file for you will take care of it. If you use the same names for low-res and high-res files, you can just copy the high-res files to the project folder and replace the low res files and update links. Worse case, copy all the high-res files to one folder to take advantage of re-linking an entire folder.

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                      seebauer Level 1

                      wow. thats what i'm looking for !!! thanks a lot!!!

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                        seebauer Level 1

                        hi …  we have hundreds of different graphics organized in subfolders … according to material, perpectives, ICC, etc.


                        normally they have to use an 1:1 HD-copy from our database … but it doesn't work …

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                          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                          You have only two choices here, I am sorry to report.


                          1. Work in an organized manner and avoid frustration.

                          2. Work in a disorganized manner and be frustrated when you spend hours and days fixing things up or hope that someone has written outside software that may or may not do what you hope it will.


                          There is some good advice about organizaton on this thread, and I do hope that it will help you in the future!


                          Best wishes,


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                            seebauer Level 1

                            Hello jane, thanks for the reply.


                            In principle you are right

                            OUR structure is definitely well organized ...


                            I am concerned about this particular case.


                            The customer creates the chaos by not sticking to the structures

                            And we get a document with many missing links, which are arranged in a certain hierarchy on our servers.


                            Since it does not comply with the specifications, we have to search again with our data again and link ... with many subfolders (indesign does not have this function) ... that is all.


                            The note of vinny38 is perfect for it and the script solves the problem very well.



                            Thanks all for the response, Stephan

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