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    Zooming out effect

    Haugen Level 1

      I want to create this zooming out effect. And no tutorial on the web (that I can find) show me the effect the way I want. So I'll try to explain.


      I want the effect like someone is behind the image, dragging the image from the center and backwards (from you, the viewer). Of course the image is elastic, so the the edges won't slip. It's kind of like warp. Or perhaps it is exactly like warp. Like pincushion distortion, but without the edges to fall in. And then I want to ad motion blur. Something more than just the effect. Perhaps motion blur and 360 shutter angel will help?

      I have tried warp with a photo, but I can't get behind the image to drag it. I need to manually adjust every angel and that won't work. Is there a function that let me drag the center of the image in any direction?