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    How to Preserve Kashida Settings for Individual Paragraphs?

    Mo Nasreddin Level 1

      I've typeset a book in Arabic. For reasons concerning page layout, I've changed the paragraph kashida setting from 'medium' to 'short' in some paragraphs. However, at my printers, those changes were not preserved in the files, thus changing the page layouts. Luckily I caught this in the proof, but this could have cost serious amounts of money. At the least, this will become a constant concern and limit productivity, costing me time and money.


      We're both using InDesign CC.


      This also indicates that if I share an InDesign file with anyone, I cannot guarantee that they will see the same thing that I designed on my end.


      1. Why doesn't the file save this information automatically?

      2. If InDesign can save this information, how can I make sure it does?