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    Laurence Baker



      Just submitted a load of pictures.  This one rejected for apparently being over exposed.  Does anyone else disagree or am I the only one?




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          Since you're asking for personal opinions, I'll give you mine.  I agree that the right side (particularly the upper-right corner) of the picture is completely over-exposed.  That's a tricky photo, though, as exposing the right side correctly would severely under-expose the left side of the image.  Perhaps a closer crop of the left side would resolve the issue.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I agree with cochrasc. The right side is very blown out. If you have this image in RAW, you might be able to rescue the right side with a gradient filter to bring the exposure and highlights down over there without messing with the exposure on the left side.

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              Pamela 28 Level 1

              I agree with the previous comments. If there is an area with absolutely no depth (I.E. flat white or black) it can be distracting, and in some media actually cause funky tone issues. I had one rejected for the same thing, and it was several small areas that were shiny on my subject (a frog), not one whole area. As I fixed it, and compared the two, the whole photo looked a little washed out because of the overexposed spots.