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    Can one make a living wage out of selling photographs to stock picture sellers???

    Pax Bell

        I am new to this and just a novice,  After being accepted I submitted a number of pictures. That was fun in it's self. A week later I heard that 8 of my pictures were sold .I never had air time so I had to wait before getting all the news. While I excitably waited I went to the Merc garrage so as to find out if they had the latest two door in stock and what colours they had, A shining silver one stood out so I told them to please hold it for me That my finances will be ready soon.

      I got onto the phone to let all my acquaintes know that now I will be able to envite them for a few Jack,s ,

      On the way back I purchased dater and opened the much anticipated news from Adobe,


      It went something like this.You have sold three pic's. the selling price per picture before tax is Z A R that is R 1,35. now the South African Rand is R13.30 to the American Dolar. $1.00. I think I should just go and sit down some where quietly


            Pax Bell.