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    Printed Document function not working

      I have a user who is trying to use the Printed Document function of RoboHelp to convert html files into one continuous document, put together in a book form, complete with a table of contents. The process errors out giving her error messages like --> "Warning: The Word Document became corrupt when attempting to append a malformed topic: (then it lists an htm file here)". Can anyone tell me what could be causing this error or if something might be missing from the installation?

      Thank you!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
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          You'll like this. A number of possibilities.

          See Printed Documentation Issues on my site for one possibility.

          The other is quite simply insufficient RAM. Yeah I know what RH says on the box but Word has its own requirements. I have a layout that gives this error on a 2gb ram machine but works quite happily on 3gb.

          A way of checking that it is RAM is to create two copies of the print layout. Leave one alone. In number two trash half the topics. In three trash the other half. If two and three then generate OK, there is clearly no problem topic so by my calculations it has to be RAM.