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      I transferred all my images from Elements to Lightroom.

      Now is appears that I miss some valuable Elements features.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee
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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            You have not said what 'elements features' you are missing, but there is some information at these links-


            Step up from Photoshop Elements |

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              hvanderent Level 1

              sorry for the lacking details. the message was posted before i finished typing.

              the main problems are twofold:

              1 ) i cannot exclude one or more sets of images from the selections using "ïgnore" keywords. inverting selections is no option at all

              2) if, in elements, i have  sets 200 images and 100 images, selecting both keywords provide me with their  overlap e.g. 25.

                  in Lightroom it provides me with 300 images

              So, i have 6000 images of my granddaughter and 600 of her dog. I find it impossible to quickly select images of her with her dog.


              Besides that i cannot select images on a date range.


              I cannot image that the more recent Lightroom lacks these basic selection options.

              But I have not been able to find any positive or negative sigs as to whether i am right or wrong .

              I have spelled Scott Kelby's Lightroom CC book but could not find anyting related


              I hope you can help me

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                Bob Somrak Level 6

                Not sure what you mean for number 1.  Could you give a better example like you did for number 2



                For number 2 there is a couple ways to do this



                Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.14.02 AM.png


                Smart Collection


                Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.11.25 AM.png

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                  hvanderent Level 1

                  first of all thank you for providing me with the two options.

                  i have to look a bit further as the devil is always in the details but it looks very promising . i think this part of my question can be closed as solved.


                  as to the exclusion of images in selections, your reply is likely to have included the answer to this as well.


                  to give you an example of the problem is the following.

                  - all my images have a keyword "place"'

                  - if a select nothing i can see how may images i have in total

                  - if i exclude places codes in elements ( by right-clicking on the keyword "place" to ignore it in this selection) it shows me the images without a "place" keyword and i can correct that

                  using the filter option i just tried this in Lightroom and it works.


                  you have made my day as i have transferred over 60.00 images to Lightroom and now can explore it to the full.

                  as to Scott Kelby he touches the solutions you raised but just no enough the see their impact by myself.


                  thanks once more and i will be closing this question with a positive feeling

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                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                    One thing you might want to change in my example is to use "contains words" in the filter as that will eliminate "doghouse" when you only want "dog"

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                      johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                      Besides that i cannot select images on a date range.

                      You can search for date ranges using smart collections or the Date column of the Metadata browser in the Library Filter bar.