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    Missing code on Template


      I am subbing a Dreamweaver class for the next week, and I have very little experience with coding. NONE with Dreamweaver.


      The students were to open a pre-existing root folder. They were then directed to create a new HTML page, and a new CSS File. After linking and making changes, adding elements, they were then instructed to create a template from this project.

      Today, I had a student open their template they have saved, and it's missing ALL of the code, properties, elements, etc. Basically everything except the sidebar.



      Is there a step they might have missed? Within their file, it appears that all their images and things are still there. I mentioned a linking issue, possibly?


      Please help! I've exhausted what resources I personally have.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          DW Templates are .dwt files saved in the Templates folder of the site's root.  If the template is moved out of that folder, it won't work. 


          Is the student certain they are opening the right file?


          The Files Panel should resemble this structure.

          SiteName (C:\MySite)



                   - Templates










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