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    DNG converter 8.6 stopped working for NEF files?


      I have Nikon d810 and have been using Adobe DNG converter 8.6 to work my files in Lightroom 5.3.   I last used the converter in early June and then I went traveling.

      Back home, I tried to treat my new NEF files from Nikon into the same converter and it no longer recognizes them (either the newly taken NEFs, or those I treated/converted in the past).  I rebooted the whole thing, uninstalled the converter and reinstalled the same version of the converter.  No results - the files simply no longer appear when I "select folder". I can't see in any of the online forums if the DNG converter 8.6 has been superseded by a newer version for my d810's NEF files - if so, please let me know.   Any other solutions?  

      For as long as I can't convert the NEF files, I can't work on Lightroom, so any help would be appreciated.