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    Photoshop Slowdown "Not Responding" after closing files post Win10 Creative Update


      We've had an anomaly crop up that we cannot pin down. After applying the Windows 10 Creative Update Photoshop CC 2017 (latest) will enter a not responding state after closing a file for 1-3 seconds. While 1-3 seconds is not very long it adds up when you are opening several hundred to a thousand images a day. Our scripts and actions are drastically hampered. I have tried changing pagefile location, changing the scratch disk locations, disabling AV/network protection. I can't seem to find an I/O bottleneck to explain the phenomena. It however definately has reared its head after the Windows 10 Creative Update. I updated a machine last night to test which has now gained this strange behavior. Does anyone know the cause and even better a solution/workaround for this bug?


      I do not wish to have to remove updates or security from these systems since they are live. Any helpful insights are much appreciated and I can attempt to give any additional information that is required.